10 beaches in Cilento not to be missed

Consult our guide to discover the most beautiful beaches of this magical land while staying in Marina di Camerota.

Spiaggia Calanca: located near the center of Marina di Camerota, this beach is characterized by an expanse of golden sand and a crystalline sea; the shallow waters make it suitable for families with children thanks to the presence of every type of service. It is a bay protected by a promontory covered with Mediterranean vegetation, on which you can see a Saracen tower. There is a paid parking lot nearby.

Cala Bianca: the beach, elected by Legambiente “Most Beautiful Beach in Italy 2013”, is set between two tongues of rocks and owes its name to the color of the beach, mostly made up of small white pebbles. The beach can be reached on foot by taking a walk inside the Cilento National Park (the route starts from the Marina di Camerota cemetery passing through Monte di Luna and Cala Fortuna), or by boats.

Cala degli Infreschi: the beach is located within the protected marine area of ​​the Cilento National Park where you can admire natural caves (some underwater), ruins of ancient watchtowers and rare examples of vegetation. The name derives from the sources of frozen fresh water that flow into the crystal clear sea, ideal for diving. The beach can be reached on foot via the Infreschi path, or by boats.

Marina delle Barche: beach located near the port and the center of Marina di Camerota, equipped with both bathing establishments and games for children; the sandy bottom is shallow and gently sloping. The southernmost part of the coast is a free beach and is less crowded and wilder, with hills covered with Mediterranean scrub behind it. There is a large parking lot right next to the beach.

Cala d’Arconte: beach characterized by very fine golden sand and blue sea with very deep waters which makes this Cala unsuitable for children but ideal for water sports enthusiasts, primarily snorkeling and diving. The beach, enclosed by large cliffs and protected by maritime pines and centuries-old olive trees, is almost completely free, except for a tourist village. This cove can only be reached on foot after leaving the car at the parking lot.

Spiaggia Lentiscelle: wild and uncontaminated beach with a shoreline made of sand and gravel and with very high depths that make it suitable for long swims. Surrounded by cliffs rich in vegetation, this beach, with transparent sea, represents the first step for those wishing to take the path of the Infreschi and then reach the following three beaches. The beach can be reached on foot from the port of Marina di Camerota.

Cala del Cefalo: the beach has in the center a huge rocky boulder that looks like the fin of a mullet; the sand is grainy with small pebbles on the shoreline, the sea is spectacular but very deep. The beach, which was the cradle of some turtles, has two equipped beaches and a small free part. Since 2000, the beach has been part of the SIC European protected area. The beach is located 2 km from Marina di Camerota on the coastal road.

Spiaggia del Mingardo: the beach, one of the longest in the area, takes its name from the Mingardo river which divides it from the natural arch of Palinuro with its mouth; the beach is characterized by fine sand, a deep sea and dunes protected by raised walkways and beaches with low environmental impact. Along the beach we find several free stretches and the Cyclops cave. There are many access points to the beach, as well as parking lots.

Spiaggia del Pozzallo: this wild and hidden beach is the first stop for those who have decided to embark on the Infreschi trekking route. The beach is made up of pebbles and gravel mixed with sand, the sea is transparent and very deep, not suitable for children (you can swim to the Pozzallo cave). There are no establishments but several refreshment points hidden in the pine forest. The beach can also be reached by boats.

Spiaggia del Troncone: the beach is inserted in a wild and uncontaminated environment, with soft sand with a particular pale gray color and with a crystalline sea. After the last stretch of free beach, there are three coves intended for nudism protected by a rocky wall that partially covers their visibility. This naturist beach, officially authorized, is accessible from the road via a staircase, near which there is a parking lot.

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