The most beautiful beaches of Cilento

Come to the Hotel Santa Rosalia, the perfect base for visiting the most beautiful beaches and naturalistic beauties of Cilento.

spiagge cilento

The village of Marina di Camerota (“La Perla del Cilento”) is located within the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, which is now a World Heritage Site. Here nature is the protagonist, its wonderful beaches, the flora and fauna are witnesses of the unique biodiversity of this area rich in exemplary species.

The sea of crystalline transparency, the intense blues of the protected marine area, coves and caves characterize this promontory and depict the epic scenery of “La Costa del Mito”.

Cilento is an archaic and authentic land where nature becomes history and history becomes a witness of millennial greatness. On the territory there are numerous archaeological sites open to the public and monuments (PaestumCertosa di PadulaScavi di Velia).

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